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 Launching September 2020

• Do you feel burned out and drained?

• Are you filled with passion and ideas but are unable to articulate your vision? 

• Need a community to let your frustrations rest and pick up your creativity again?


UrBranding Therapy is exactly how it sounds, therapy, and consulting for UrBrand, brought to you by the creative collective at Chance 436 Design Studios! UrBranding Therapy is therapy for you and your brand! We help you to take your power back and make your brand -brand sufficient. Just like a regular therapist who gives you tools and strategies to increase your life skills, we equip you with tools and strategies to increase your branding skills. Call us your Branding Therapists!


A brand-new brand network composed of brand therapy sessions, weekly brand resource videos, exclusive courses, discounts, and plenty of resources to help you get through and maintain those brands without spending thousands of dollars doing it. We have created and executed over 800 successful brands and now it's time to teach you how we did it. 


Why Do I Need UrBranding Therapy?

•  Are you tired of being taken advantage of in business and you want to be your own brand manager?

•  Do you need guidance and advice to help move your brand forward?

•  Are you feeling frustrated and depleted of creativity for your brand?

•  Do you know that you have a quality product or service but you feel like it’s failing in the marketplace?

•  Have you ever said to yourself, “I need help and I don’t know how to fix this”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the perfect place to make you and your brand better than ever!

We know the beauty and the pain of creating your own business and being a trailblazer in things that have never been done before! Setting precedents can be frustrating and you can become stagnant, but UrBranding Therapy is sure to get you UNSTUCK!


A part of UrBranding Therapy’s mission is to build a network that is full of resources where creatives can get together, build, and of course, CREATE!


 So Let’s Start Collaborating!

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