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Atlanta-based graphic designer. Digital marketing expert. Brand identity geek.

Quiona Taylor has been helping clients tell their stories and shape their brands for more than18 years. A trusted partner to firms of all sizes across numerous industries, Quiona is highly regarded for her ability to leverage bleeding-edge marketing and branding practices in a disruptive, constantly-evolving marketplace. Her specific expertise in brand awareness, digital marketing, and design has also earned her a reputation as a valued professional who fully understands the positive impact her work has on all levels of a firm's ability to grow.

Telling clients stories is Quiona's passion. The opportunity to live out this dream daily through creative planning, project management, web development, storytelling, consulting, and brand marketing is a blessing she does not take for granted. For Quiona, brands are a visual extension of the people and the mission of the people who work behind them. She relishes in the gift of being able to elevate the people, mission, vision, or objective through her creative work, and does not stop creating until her client's needs are met or exceeded.

Quiona is a big-picture thinker who understands there’s nothing bigger than all the little details that go into a team’s success. Some of her notable accomplishments include nurturing new business development opportunities, expanding client relationships, cultivating collaborative partnerships among marketing leaders throughout the industry, and troubleshooting workflow for optimal efficiency.

Quiona holds a bachelor's degree in design and visual communications from Westwood College.When she's not in the office, Quiona enjoys meeting new friends, exploring new cities, and spending time with her family. References and portfolio stack is available upon request.

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