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The 436 Creative's Blog: What's Your Texture?


What you want people to see IS NOT what you are giving?

In a perfect world, those of us who are creatives struggle with comparison and copying. Yes, I said it. One of the things we emphasize at Chance 436 is being your authentic self! Most of us would like to think that what we want our audience to see is what we give, but in our efforts to be the next big thing and fit in, we compromise our authenticity and originality for something fake and phony!

That's the brand your audience sees. That's what they're being given, the pretend you.

Now, with all that out the way let's talk about the relationship between texture and our brands.

If you could describe your brand as texture, what would it be? And DON'T pick a texture-based on your preference or what's your favorite texture. But pick a texture that describes the nature of your brand. I know this may seem odd, but texture is more than just what you can see, it is what you can feel. Amongst our team, we asked ourselves this question at the beginning of the year and we all thought really hard about this and we got some interesting, but reflective answers.

How does your brand make people feel?

Think really hard about that, having a texture in mind(the characteristics and the limitations) will help you understand how your brand makes people feel and how your brand is received. Most of the time we communicate to our audience the wrong way!

Ask yourself these questions and you just might find what texture best represents you and your brand.

· Do they feel warm and secure?

· Or do they feel unsure by your inconsistency?

· Does your texture have holes in it and your good ideas always seem to fall through?

Find any similarities? Well, don’t worry this year we’re not only talking about brand textures, but we’re giving you solutions to make yours as efficient and effective as possible! Don't be discouraged! We're going to help you discover your right texture and give you some practical tips on how you can start to communicate to your called audience, the right way.

Until Then Creatives...

Next Up: The Year of Texture

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