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The 436 Creative's Blog: THE YEAR OF TEXTURE

Updated: Apr 16, 2021


THIS IS THE YEAR OF TEXTURE! Yes, that's right, we call it and we believe that this year not just from us, but texture is going to play a big role in what we see this year. Who wants to be stuck with just solid colors all the time? Not only will we see it this year, but we will understand who we are as brands better, by identifying our texture! So answer this question.

What Texture Are You?

It's an interesting question, isn't it? More importantly, what texture is your brand? That is the question to ask yourself this year. Texture is more than just what you can see, but it is what you can feel. How does your brand make people feel? Well, when our creative team started having this discussion right before the new year in our creative space, this question took our creative mind way further than we thought! Amongst all of us, we got some fun and surprising answers.. but before we reveal what our textures are, why don't you think about the question and answer yourself?!

What texture is your brand?

When thinking about this, also think about the most common brand textures that many people may not consider. Now there are many brand textures, but we've decided on these 7 that we see most often. Also, if you see your brand below, which you most likely will... don't worry! There are advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses to every brand, but with the right resources, you can strengthen anything.

Here are 7 Common Brand Textures:

1. The Leather Brand

ADVANTAGES: A great benefit of leather is that it has amazing grain variation that is visible, meaning you can always see their brand origins and what they're made out of in everything they do, these brands always tend to be very authentic. Some other benefits of leather brands are that they can be long-lasting (good leather ages well and lasts), repairable, and of course beautiful.

DISADVANTAGES: Brands who have leather as their brand textures are either really tough or soft and they're not as versatile to shape and transform as other brands, meaning there are very stubborn and find it very hard to change and take branding suggestions and advice. (We have dealt with this many times and trust me it was never fun!!) These brands if not taking care of right, with the right branding nutrients can become irrelevant. (We will get into Brand and Creative Health very soon! There is a right way to build your brand. Look out for that!) Anyway, if not given the right nutrients these types of brands can falter and fade away if they are exposed to direct sunlight(ie.. the spotlight) for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes brands don't know how to handle that pressure and they can get consumed by likes and comments that they forget their purpose.

2. The Sequins Brand

ADVANTAGES: Here are some strengths that we want to highlight for you about sequins! They are truly unapologetic about their brand. They can versatile and can connect to a creative and versatile audience if they clean up and simplify their brand message and personality! ...and of course their vibrance and flash are never easy to forget, and always remembered!

DISADVANTAGES: As you would imagine, sequins brands are vibrant, colorful, and loud! These brands are fun, but they can also, be very stuck in their ways. This translates into them not wanting to take on a fresher and simplified brand presentation, all because they're afraid to lose their originality. Her's the thing, working with us, you never will! Authenticity and Originality are what we require when collaborating with our clients. It won't be real or last without it, but we also know that sometimes the audience that you want and the audience that you are actually called to are not the same. So sometimes there needs to be a balanced compromise, between who you are and how you want to translate that. You never want your audience to be confused or overwhelmed with you are and what you do, but you always want them to understand.

3. The Satin Brand

ADVANTAGES: Satin has always been beautiful, but it’s also resilient and durable. Brands like these can last a long time and they always offer their clients and audience a luxurious experience. One more strength about satin brands…they are wrinkle-resistant! No matter what obstacle they face, you will never see it, because they are a little bit more structured and organized than your regular creative brand, but they have a protocol, and they stick by it. That’s you will pay big money for their service, their presentation is authentic and worth it!

DISADVANTAGES: Satin Brands, just like their namesakes also happen to snag easily and they can be a little difficult to work with. If you’re thinking about partnering up or collaborating with them, you might want to rethink that. As much as they have some great customer service and they offer top-notch experience, they’re not so big on sharing space.

4.The Burlap Brand

ADVANTAGES: These brands tend to be very breathable. They are new brands so they're not so bogged down with branding experience and they are open and free to try new things. Burlap also happens to be moisture resistant, even though they may try to imitate other brands, it doesn't negate their need to protect the brand they do have. So they're very picky and are fidgety about not letting in anything that would contaminate 'their vision'.

DISADVANTAGES: Tough, coarse, and holey...that's not a word, but you know what we mean. These brands are usually just starting out and they may not have as much experience. So, they have holes in their brand identity and business operations. These brands typically don't even