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The 436 Creative's Blog: BRAND Authenticity

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hey Creatives, It's Quiona!

You have to know what makes you different! Once you find that thing that makes you different from every other brand and business, then you will find how you can use what you have to add value to your clients' and customers' lives.


What makes you different? What makes you necessary? If you know you’re what and why, you’ll understand your purpose, well part of it anyway. This led me to put on my big girl boots and looking for ways to pour into and help someone else’s business. Even when I was feeling insecure and honestly a little uncertain about my future, I knew that helping someone else move forward would keep me focused on a bigger picture and not just myself or what could happen.

I hope this helps you on your journey to grow and become the best version of not just your brand, but of yourself! Your brand needs you and not a fake you either. A real authentic you will take your brand to places that will last longer than you think.

Remember it’s the authentic that can pass the test, it’s the authentic that can go through the storm, it’s the authentic that is still standing when the dust clears. Why? Because whatever is made with stone last way longer than something that’s made with straw.

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