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The 436 Creative's Blog: Your Creative Health

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Hey Creatives, it's Quiona again!

There is no Brand Development without Creativity. The origin and continuation of your brand hinges on the constant flow of ideas, concepts, content, and more! So, if there is a blockage in the receiving of new creative ways to continue to evolve your brand, company, idea; it can be easy to become irrelevant. We entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers never want to become irrelevant to our audience.

One of the most important ways to stay current and relevant is to keep your focus on your Creative Health. Although your physical, mental, and emotional health are important for the success of you and your business; the health of your creativity is just as necessary. So, I’d like to share a couple of methods and strategies that I use to keep my creative juices flowing!

1. Surrounded by Creatives- I love being around people who inspire me and it’s so natural for creatives to vibe and create together! True creatives love to share, and we collaborate!

2. Shopping with Mom- My mom is crazy and funny. Being in her presence helps me to get out of my head and I find that’s where some good ideas come!

3. Asking Questions- Getting a different perspective from yours is always a great asset to creating! Asking the right people questions can open a whole another world of discovery.

4. Reaching a Goal- It’s just like checking an item off a long list! The feeling of accomplishing something that I’ve been working towards for a long time always inspires me to more.

There you have it! Now, I would recommend trying some of these methods out. But again, we are all creatives and we all have our different ways of getting inspired, unstuck, and healthy!

Remember to like, share, and comment. We want to know that what we create is of help to you!

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See you later Creatives!

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