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The 436 Creative's Blog: BRAND Advocacy, DIY Designer Fonts


Have you ever been frustrated and felt stuck in the development of your brand, because you were too dependent on another member of your team’s talent and experience? Yeah, we know how that is, but you don’t have to be held hostage but what you don’t know! You can gain branding experience that will alleviate your stress and make you feel competent in all aspects of your brand and business.

Here’s a tip we want to share with you:

1. Invest in your brand.

This is a no brainer, right? Usually, when we hear this, we think maybe financial investment, but the truth is there so many other investments you brand needs than financial! Your time, experience, and passion are investments that will keep your brand effective and impactful.

Money isn’t the end all be all and there are many other things you can do to make sure you sharpen all of your branding skills, even with a team behind you!

In this week’s 436 BID Bite, we’re getting technical!

You know, as your Chance 436 Creative Team, we are dedicated to being your brand’s advocates! But we also want to show you how to be your own brand advocate. Today we’re going to help you become a little more efficient and effective in an important element of brand design.

Some don’t think the visual of text is important, but it is very crucial to the tone and message you send about your brand. Here’s why the font style and size add value to your text. It helps your audience to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of color, font, and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience.

Here are 3 tricks to make your text look designer:

1. Lower Case Font- depending upon the context, using this font case can make your design look very chic and professional.

2. Uppercase and Lowercase Font Mix- to bring contrast and draw your audiences’ attention to a particular brand element!

3. Kerning- the space in between letters: when mixing font sizes, it’s important that words and letters are aligned, even, and neat.

Check out this week’s 436 BID Bite and get a quick in-depth design tutorial!

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Your Favorite Creatives,

The Chance 436 Creative Team

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